Terms & Privacy Policy

Your use of the SiteDash platform is governed by these terms. Please take a moment to read it carefully.

Last updated: January 2nd, 2020.

1. Involved Parties & Terminology

  • SiteDash is a project owned and operated by Mark Hamstra Web Development, commonly trading under the registered name modmore. Mark Hamstra Web Development is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce as 52454606, and with the Dutch Tax Office as NL001103641B07. The registered address is Oenemastate 14, 8926PR, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.
  • SiteDash can be reached via support@sitedash.app.
  • An account or workspace is an organisation that uses SiteDash to manage sites. When signing up, an account is simultaneously created with a user for the creator.
  • User is any person that has access to one or more SiteDash workspaces.
  • Site is a MODX website that has been added to the SiteDash platform.
  • Platform is the hosted SiteDash environment.
  • Client is the plugin installed on a MODX site that provides the platform with secure access.

2. Dashboard

SiteDash includes an online dashboard that provides information about websites that have been added to an workspace. The information provided in the dashboard is considered private to the Users with access to the workspace, who must take care to protect their user information (username/email, password).

3. Data Collection

SiteDash collects information about sites that are added to the platform for the purpose of providing you with insights and information about its configuration and health.

The primary data source for this information is the SiteDash Client plugin. Once installed in the MODX website, and verified with the site key, it allow the SiteDash platform to securely communicate with a site, allowing it to extract information or to execute remote actions. The client and the platform are regularly updated to enable new functionality and insights.

SiteDash also collects information from other (third party), mostly public, data sources. This includes the DNS registry to check your domain configuration and the public part of your site by probing for or analysing public resources. SiteDash also builds internal databases with information about available MODX and package updates and other proprietary data sources.

SiteDash aims to make all collected information available to users, regardless of chosen plan, however restrictions to how often this data is updated, retained or otherwise analyzed/processed may differ between plans.

4. Data Sharing & Protection

SiteDash does not, and will not, sell or share any identifiable data with anyone other than the users who have been provided access to the account through the use of the dashboard, or to consumers of an API that have been authorized on behalf of a user, or to the SiteDash team to analyse your usage of the platform and to provide support, or to third party services/processors for the purpose of providing you with the tools and insights. An internal SiteDash dashboard is available to the SiteDash team that allows browsing a subset of site and account information for these purposes.

SiteDash collects anonymized metrics and data about all connected sites, which may be provided to third parties, publicly or privately, freely or at a fee. This data cannot be reasonably traced back to specific sites, users, or accounts, and does not contain any form of unique identification. For example, SiteDash checks used PHP versions across all sites nightly, and writes that data to an anonymous data set that only contains the sum values of each used PHP version. This data may then be shown or made available through an API for which users pay to access.

In the context of SiteDash, the following information is considered identifiable data:

  • Unique ID numbers or identifiers/keys used for sites, accounts, users, and other data which originates from User or sites connected by User.
  • Domain names, IP addresses, reverse hostnames, DNS records
  • User's personal or account information, including name and billing address on a level more granular than state or province.

In order to provide you with the SiteDash services, some identifiable data may be provided to third party services. We always strive to limit the shared data to only what is necessary. The following data may be shared depending on your SiteDash usage:

  • User and account information is shared with HelpScout, our helpdesk provider, to help us provide you with accurate customer support.
  • All outgoing emails are sent through Amazon SES, which includes User email addresses, name, and email content.
  • To look up DNS records, we send your domain name through the DNS system.
  • If you enable uptime monitoring, we provide NodePing.com with your full site url.
  • To create screenshots of your site, we provide Thum.io with your full site url.
  • Various identifiable information may be included in logging for the purpose of ensuring the system and functionality runs appropriately and that potential errors can be addressed. Where it is possible to do so without harming our ability to interpret the logging easily, this makes use of the unique identifiers/keys instead of more personal information like a domain name. Some log information is also collected into Slack.

5. Plans, pricing, payments, and refunds

SiteDash is offered with different plans and prices. These plans and prices may be changed by SiteDash at any time for any reason. In the event of a price change on existing plans, users who are in good standing with that plan, may choose to continue to receive the plan's benefit at the previous price for a period of at least 6 months, or until they change their plan, whichever is sooner.

Payments are processed by third party payment providers (PayPal, Mollie) who are provided varying user and billing information for the purpose of completing the payment and fraud management. This includes the provided billing information, chosen plans and associated prices, and unique payment identifiers associated with a User.

User are entitled to a refund for their first subscription term, as long as the request for a refund is received via customer support within the first 14 days of billing. SiteDash will honour these refund requests unless there is a strong weighing reason not to, such as fraud, abuse of the platform, malicious intent, or breach of the terms. Refunds are only ever provided to the originating payment method.

SiteDash does not guarantee uptime or availability and does not provide a SLA under standard plans.

6. Registration & Free Trial

User can sign up for a new account through the website. After confirming User's email address, User immediately gains access to the SiteDash dashboard. User is provided a free trial which allows User to evaluate the functionality SiteDash offers for a period of one calendar month. SiteDash may choose to limit or discontinue the free trial in any way or for specific individuals or entities to protect its platform or to comply with international legislation.

Certain functionality may not be available during the free trial.

After a one-month trial, User may request a trial extension of 2 extra weeks. Doing so voids the right to a refund described in section 5. If User does not request a trial extension, and does not choose a plan, the account will be suspended.

7. Renewals, Upgrades, Downgrades and Cancellations

User may initiate an upgrade or downgrade at any time through the account dashboard, as long as the user has billing permission.

When User chooses a plan during, or after, their free trial, the plan is immediately activated and User agrees to pay the plan price as communicated. Renewals happen automatically each month or year, depending on the chosen billing cycle, from the payment method(s) on file. By signing up for a plan, User agrees to a payment obligation, allowing SiteDash to continue offering the benefits of the platform while payment is pending. If payment cannot be collected automatically, User will be notified and agrees to provide an alternative payment method within at most 14 days. If User fails to provide payment on a renewal, the account will be suspended until payment is completed.

When upgrading, downgrading, or changing the billing cycle, SiteDash will start the new chosen plan/billing cycle immediately, prorating the difference. This means:

  • The plan/billing cycle is immediately changed, and the payment for the new term is due immediately.
  • If User has remaining time on their free trial, that time is added to the new renewal date. (Example: 7 days left on the trial when choosing a monthly plan will result in the next renewal date being one month + 7 days in the future).
  • If User has remaining time on a previously-paid plan, that remaining time is calculated to a daily price by dividing the plan's monthly/yearly price by 30 or 365 respectively. The remaining days before the scheduled renewal is multiplied by this daily price to determine the amount to credit.
    • If the credit is less than the payment needed for the new plan/billing cycle, it is applied as a discount to the payment that is due for the new plan/billing cycle.
    • If the credit exceeds the payment needed for the new plan/billing cycle (e.g. the total due is €9, but the credit is €15, so the new plan/cycle was paid for and €6 is left), then the price-per-day on the new plan/billing cycle is calculated (e.g. €9 divided by 30 days = €0.30 per day), and the remainder of the credit (€6 in the example) is divided by the daily price of the new plan (e.g. €6/0.30 = 20) which is added to the renewal date (in this example, the renewal date will be set to one month + 20 days in the future).

It's only possible to downgrade to a plan if your current usage fits within the new plan.

When User chooses to cancel their account, the account will be set to no longer renew at the end of the current billing cycle. When the billing cycle ends, the account will be marked as suspended which will cause the dashboard to be unavailable and actions to be halted until User re-activates their billing.

8. Deletions

By deleting sites in the dashboard, the associated data is immediately and permanently removed from the platform. Data may remain in off-site backups for a period of 3 months.

When an account is deleted, we delete any identifiable and associated data including site and user access for which we have no purpose. Users may remain active for use with different accounts. Billing history and address information, are retained as required by law.

When a user is deleted, any references to it will remain but will no longer resolve (for example, a site's "created by" information will stay in the database, however it will no longer show the name or personal informaton of that user).

We do not at the moment offer automated account deletions. Please contact customer support to have an account deleted.

9. Questions & Contact

With any questions about these terms, the product(s) offered, pricing or refunds, please contact support@modmore.com.