MODX Revolution 3.0.0-alpha2

MODX 3.0.0-alpha2 was released 2 years ago on 2020-01-28.

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  • Add header breadcrumbs throughout manager [#14890]
  • Remove modAction and legacy controller support [#14927]
  • Apply `MODx.util.safeHtml` to feed dashboards [#14946]
  • Fixed transparency in .png for TV [#14906]
  • Add missing unsigned attribute to integer foreign key fields in mysql schema [#14902]
  • Remove legacy grids [#14875]
  • Change the way deprecated class aliases are included [#14912]
  • Make sure processors are instantiated with getInstance for derivative logic [#14921]
  • Add updated DI Container and add support for namespaces to define a bootstrap.php file to init/register services [#14920]
  • Fix resources showing twice in the tree when marking a resource as deleted from the resource panel [#14893]
  • Remove actions icon for the list of permissions in a policy [#14936]
  • Fix invalid media source path causing root to be shown [#14024, #14038]