MODX Revolution 2.7.3-pl

MODX 2.7.3-pl was released 3 years ago on 2020-02-27.

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  • Prevent reserved modResource fields `alias_visible` and `properties` to be used as Template Variable names [#15035]
  • Remove "allowBlank: false" for symlink/weblink in quick update [#14981]
  • Add missing AddToGroup events in modSecurityGroupUserCreateProcessor [#15021]
  • Use single-quotes in MySQL queries for modTransportPackage for ANSI_QUOTES compatibility [#15011]
  • Add context key to reload URL when switching templates [#14998]
  • Fix display of #modx-site-info depending on width [#14779]
  • Limit deprecated modAction message to current package during install/uninstall [#14303]
  • Apply `MODx.util.safeHtml` to feed dashboards [#14946]
  • Make MODX Browser work on mobile screens [#14774]
  • Fix deprecation warnings on curly brace string offset access syntax for PHP 7.4 compatibility [#14863]
  • Set autocomplete to off on username in user edit form [#14838]
  • Fix the position of the right caret when `Show Descriptions in Top Menu` is set to `No` [#14778]
  • Update node-sass to a version that supports macOS Catalina [#14789]
  • Fix an console error when loading the Load Access Control List Panel [#14809]
  • Fix an issue where the amount of items in context settings would not match the amount of displayed items [#14801]