MODX Revolution 2.7.2-pl

MODX 2.7.2-pl was released 4 years ago on 2019-09-26.

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  • Allow safe html in system setting description [#14453]
  • Fix incorrect password behavior and message [#14085]
  • Resolve 0 integer values marked as undefined when required [#14658]
  • Fix transparency in .png for Template Variables [#14664]
  • Prevent users without edit_locked permission from editing locked elements [#14739]
  • Lock setup after it is successfully executed [#14692]
  • Allow an empty caption when duplicating a Template Variable [#14386]
  • Escape instances of new MySQL reserved word rank [#14701]
  • Check if modx-content is defined before calling doLayout [#14593]
  • Add additional .sub class in menu for nested li [#14671]
  • Update PHPMailer to 5.2.27 to address potential vulnerability [#14653]
  • Check for default URL scheme value as string [#14643]
  • Fix notices regarding IMG_WEBP constants not being defined for PHP version where support for WEBP isn't advertised [#14494]
  • Fix an issue where an resource would not be published when the pub_date is equal to "now" [#14609]
  • Added default styles for scroll in webkit based browsers [#14553]
  • The menu entry "Manager Actions" has been renamed to "Manager log" [#14495]
  • Updated phpThumb to a version that fixes images getting a black background color when converting an image with transparency to a format without alpha support. [#14477]
  • Check extracted files for allowed extensions by option [#14433]
  • Improved security in contexts in the manager [#14357]
  • Fix using wrong option for upload_images [#14460]
  • Fix for thumbnails not rendering for media sources with spaces in URL's [#14301]
  • The default RSS feed URLs `feed_modx_security` and `feed_modx_news` now use HTTPS [#14392]
  • The value for the preview tooltip in the trash manager is now properly encoded [#14401]
  • Change icon to proper one for descending sort order [#14413]
  • Don't execute the upgrade script for the last installed version again [#14396]
  • Fix friendly_alias_realtime system setting not working as expected [#14438]
  • Fix deprecated create_function() calls in modProcessor and modConnectorResponse [#14399]
  • Fix deprecated each() in the lang.js.php connector [#14397]
  • Restore PHP 5.3 compatibility [#14461]