MODX Revolution 2.6.2-pl

MODX 2.6.2-pl was released 5 years ago on 2018-03-30.

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  • Display context name and key in Context dropdown [#13839]
  • Only save properties modified from the default for an element in Property Sets [#13799]
  • Replace usages of each() to avoid deprecated warnings in PHP 7.2 [#13829]
  • Prevent adding ./ to filepath when in root of a mediasource [#13778]
  • Fix error with getonline processor on systems with only_full_group_by sql_mode [#13835]
  • Prevent logging errors for comments or empty tags [#13771]
  • Fix typo preventing verbose CURL option from being set in modRest [#13798]
  • Prevent http headers from being overwritten in modRest [#13797]
  • Fix sending messages to wrong recipients in message/create processor [#13796]
  • Stop sending too much data on package install request [#13813]
  • Add events permission to Administrator policy on new installs [#13830]
  • Remove max width from the tree sidebar [#13637]
  • Select the correct media source when editing a static element [#13750]
  • Fix the setup language being reset to English in the last step [#13611]
  • Fix incorrect view url after changing the resource url [#13768]
  • Fix silent fail on login without manager access [#12706]
  • Fix incorrect media source being used on image TVs when creating new resource in different context [#13609]