MODX Revolution 2.6.1-pl

MODX 2.6.1-pl was released 6 years ago on 2017-12-15.

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  • Increase efficiency of cache refresh on autopublish events [#13572]
  • Remove concatenated key from name field in Contexts grid [#13372]
  • Prevent infinite loop when a modSymLink refers to itself [#13710]
  • Get only unique template paths for manager controllers [#13717]
  • Ensure dashboard widget exists before calling methods on it [#13604]
  • Fix phpthumb issue in files tree and media browser [#13704]
  • Show correct Resource type icon in search results [#13705]
  • Allow callback if nothing is selected in MODx.browser [#13684]
  • Fix Flush Your Permissions top menu item [#13690]
  • Improve changelog display in package browser [#13677]
  • Revert behavior of image_width and image_height for media source images [#13672]
  • Fix CLI installation to properly detect MySQL server version [#13680]
  • Fix title format in various manager views [#13668]
  • Fix javascript issue on resources containing quotes [#13669]
  • Fix console error when editing resources with tv tab [#13683]
  • Fix invokeEvent call for new OnResourceCacheUpdate event [#13676]