MODX Revolution 2.5.8-pl

MODX 2.5.8-pl was released 5 years ago on 2017-09-12.

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  • Fix set height of error log [#13566]
  • Allow "log_target" setting to be empty and default to "FILE" [#13379]
  • Reset user session token if it is set but value is empty [#13577]
  • Fix chmod feature on directories [#13580]
  • Fix resource tree ignoring hide_children_in_tree value [#13578]
  • Skip date format check when using resource quick update [#13534]
  • Fix ability to drag files more than once [#13533]
  • Fix permission check for updating user group settings [#13544]
  • Fix collapsing secondary buttons [#13558]
  • Add unique index for modTemplateVarResource values [#13535]
  • Fix media browser active state in tree [#13496]
  • Fix media browser tree refresh after creating a directory [#13501]
  • Prevent "New User Group" button being covered with long translations [#13555]
  • Add modx_media_sources_elements when a context is duplicated [#13529]
  • Remove resource template values when context is removed [#13525]
  • Fixed issue with incorrect signature during installing two packages with setup options [#13557]
  • Added loading error log only via ajax to avoiding blank page in case bad characters in log file (cherry-pick) [#13560]
  • Hide user group tree panel splitbar if center panel is hidden [#13520]
  • Added missing setting for primary user group during creating a new user [#13528]
  • Remove hardcoded modUser references in user processors [#13532]
  • Secondary button height fixes [#13543]
  • Use pageSize from system settings for system settings grid [#13493]
  • Fix date format for created field of package in the package provider [#13509]
  • Add a mouseout listener to the 'Clear Filter' buttons across the manager [#13510]
  • Add view_template:true for the "Content Editor" access policy [#13508]
  • Refresh the parent (resource) node when creating the first children [#13499]
  • Refresh element in tree after changing name in element's panel [#13502]
  • Remove unused path_search and url_search processors
  • Fix logging an empty value
  • Update xPDO to fix issue with validation rules
  • Update context_tree_sort description with more details [#13537]
  • Remove exposing of full path from error message when controller not found in the Manager [#13430]