MODX Revolution 2.5.5-pl

MODX 2.5.5-pl was released 5 years ago on 2017-02-08.

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  • Respect new_file_permissions setting when create/upload files in manager [#13246]
  • Escape regular expression special characters in last query string of a superboxselect [#13236]
  • Improve logging of bad links [#13268]
  • Fix a few Smarty variables not being defined [#13117]
  • Only load manager layout when the controller is not "browser" [#13135]
  • Add autoHeight in the Create/UpdateSetting window [#13220]
  • Address various potential security issues in setup [#13261]
  • Validate file extension when renaming/creating files in file browser [#13240]
  • Examples to rewrite all domains of one installation with/without www [#13249]
  • Update MODX Transport Provider to use SSL URL [#13260]
  • Add site name to the login title [#13254]
  • Fix File Unzip feature [#13223]
  • Fix truncating filename at space by downloading via filemanager [#13171]