MODX Revolution 2.4.3-pl

MODX 2.4.3-pl was released 8 years ago on 2016-02-11.

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  • Various config_check improvements [#12628]
  • Fix error embedding images in modPhpMailer [#12645]
  • Prevent uncacheable elements from being cached in cacheable elements [#12835]
  • Fix the DocBlock comment for leaveGroup() [#12877]
  • Fix modX->getUser to force load settings when parameter is passed [#12840]
  • Fix issue with parent name not showing when creating a new resource under a parent [#12849]
  • Fix system settings pagination issue if default_per_page is > 30 [#12862]
  • Remove the 'Installed on' part of the language string.
  • Fix getOption call in modUser->getProfilePhoto
  • Sets correct responseType in the rest service for multiple packages via a single request [#12669]
  • Fix loading rich text editors on non-document resource types [#12632]
  • Fix dashboard and dashboard widget save button [#12711]
  • Fix failure message in Export processor [#12709]
  • Fix tree style for deactivated plugin [#12712]
  • Fix fatal error if user not found [#12772]
  • Fix warning generated by configcheck dashboard widget if safe_mode or open_basedir is enabled [#12745]
  • Include a random hash for core assets being loaded to refresh browser caches [#12700]
  • Fix fatal errors in the manager on PHP7 [#12741]
  • Fix "Remember Me" on the manager login [#12802]
  • Show message after triggering a URI refresh [#12800]