MODX Revolution 2.3.4-pl

MODX 2.3.4-pl was released 7 years ago on 2015-06-23.

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  • Allow access via id or alias when request_method_strict is false
  • Fix resource caching in multiple contexts
  • Bypass aliasMap for preview urls in manager
  • Fix custom theme CSS
  • Add Element/Resource name to the Quick update window's title
  • Improve drag & drop resource sorting
  • Fix row edit in site schedule grid
  • Fix float value of input options
  • Correct permission for Contexts menu item to "view_context"
  • Show the template icons at the template tree section
  • Fix saving binary field when creating content type
  • Fix edit action for S3 media source
  • Prevent using Ext.getCmp() when not needed in resource tree
  • Improvement to news and security widget DNS check
  • Better modMenu management
  • Set media source config in RTE media browser
  • Don't count Resources hidden from tree as children
  • Hide the "Forgot your login?" link if allow_manager_login_forgot_password is set to false
  • Update logo on setup page
  • Remove unnecessary DIV from file TV tpl
  • Remove unnecessary DIV from image TV tpl
  • Remove resource locks correctly based on current user
  • Fix tooltip full viewport width
  • Update Font Awesome to version 4.3.0
  • Update bower to build css correctly