MODX Revolution 2.2.9-pl

MODX 2.2.9-pl was released 9 years ago on 2013-08-28.

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  • Avoid critical error when resource tree not initialized
  • Avoid suppressed warnings with ob_get_level()
  • Upgrade xPDO to 2.2.8-pl
  • [#10043] Fix class-loading LFI in registerLogging
  • [#6937] Fix Persistent/Reflected XSS in User Messaging
  • Set default error_handler_types to error_reporting()
  • Upgrade to ExtJS and add ExtJS debug support
  • [#9976] Fix cross-context symlink caching
  • [#10093] Add create/update methods to S3 Media Sources
  • [#9902] Added error window when package download fails
  • [#10070] fix potential SQL injection vulnerability in modImport
  • [#9843] Added lang_topics field to create and update action window
  • [#10094] Defaults overwriting properties in ResourceCreateProcessor
  • [#10007] Fix parser logic when processing elements via API
  • [#10087] Avoid stat warnings with missing static sources
  • [#9809] Remove empty ULs in topmenu
  • [#7569] Add bottom border to collapsed panels
  • [#146] Also fire field change event on change event
  • Fix contextsAffected in resource/sort processor
  • [#9815] Improved manager redraw on browser resize
  • Fix clearcache timing issue with MODx.Console
  • Prevent accumulation of MODx.Console onMessage callbacks
  • Prevent session write errors from phpthumb cache
  • [#9964] Fix Import HTML to use context of parent
  • [#9916] Add TABLE to TRUNCATE command in flushSessions (SQLSRV)
  • [#9527] Fix password reset by user email
  • Fix login processor to use absolute url redirects for mgr
  • [#9826] Fix errant creation of Policy Templates