MODX Revolution 2.2.2-pl

MODX 2.2.2-pl was released 12 years ago on 2012-05-02.

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  • Preserve GET parameters for container_suffix redirects
  • Allow custom FURLs via URL rewriting again
  • [#7427] Fix request_method_strict with FURLs off
  • Add ability to extend manager session by relogging in without leaving manager screen
  • Add better handling for AJAX exceptions, displaying AJAX errors
  • [#7649] Prevent E_NOTICE when using ago filter within <1sec difference
  • [#7568] Add JSON to default content types
  • [#7549] Open new window for phpinfo in system info page
  • [#7531] Add manager setting for first day of week in datepicker
  • Flip page title on manager pages for easier readability in browser tabs
  • [#7543] Add extra sanity checks for ellipsis output filter
  • CLI upgrades not loading MODX config data
  • [#7652] Sessionless contexts allowing anonymous access to unpublished resources
  • [#7610] User.sudo field invalid for sqlsrv
  • [#7619] Fix issue with TV FC rules and template constraints
  • [#7613] Add ability to duplicate user
  • [#7590] Fix lazy loading errors in xPDO layer
  • [#7608] Prevent ttl=0 set on modDbRegister from expiring immediately
  • Add wizard for User Group creation to speed up ACL workflow
  • Add Context policy for proper managing of access to non-mgr Contexts
  • Add wizard for Resource Group creation to speed up ACL workflow