MODX Revolution 2.2.0-rc-3

MODX 2.2.0-rc-3 was released 10 years ago on 2011-12-22.

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  • [#6247] Fix additional minify issues with CMP controllers in MODX_ASSETS_PATH
  • [#6428] Fix improperly designated tooltip and UI for create namespace window
  • Fix various regression issues with rename/delete files/directories in the Files tree
  • Ensure hideFiles property works for the files tree
  • [#6383] Add index.php to minify paths
  • Prevent TVs tab from showing in Resources if the only TVs are of type "hidden"
  • [#6413] Fix missing date_timezone setting description
  • [#6297] Prevent invalid characters in property set names
  • [#5997] Fix issue where components dirs were being created in assets with non-standard assets directory paths
  • Fix issue where resource ID was not being passed to FC rule checks
  • [#6417] Fix issue with modResource class_key being incorrectly set
  • Adjust modResponse contentType loading to allow overriding in custom resource classes
  • Fix critical timezone issue introduced for [#6077]