MODX Revolution 2.2.0-pl

MODX 2.2.0-pl was released 10 years ago on 2012-01-04.

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  • [#6559] Fix issue with save btn on resources not enabling after template change
  • Better handling of dynamic lexicon topic adding and deprecated manager controllers
  • [#5905] Refactor new package versions to run ACTION_UPGRADE
  • [#6120] Improve static element behavior with immutable sources
  • [#6551] Fix issue where ID instead of name of Template showed on resource combo
  • [#6509] Fix minify issue when DOCUMENT_ROOT is a symlink
  • [#6546] Reposition setting grid filter dropdowns to clarify behavior
  • [#4146] Fix issue where Content Types were always binary when created
  • [#6470] Fix issue where Media Sources could not be protected due to missing reference in principal_targets setting
  • [#6520] Fix issue with Quick Create Resource and default settings
  • [#6510] Fix minify issue with virtual dirs inside the document root
  • [#5229] Fix issue where changing parent did not reload Resource edit page
  • [#6513] Better handling for large error.log files in mgr
  • [#6519] Ensure JS config gets working context config
  • [#6507] Add missing Media Source plugin events
  • [#6505] Remove htmlentities on date output filter
  • Allow PDO driver options to be defined in MODX config
  • [#6383] Add index.php to minify paths in mgr templates