MODX Revolution 2.1.3-pl

MODX 2.1.3-pl was released 11 years ago on 2011-07-21.

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  • [#5295] Fix parents input option for Resource List TV when 0 is specified
  • [#5190] Fix includeParent input option in Resource List TV
  • [#5222] Fix nested cacheable tags being skipped in non-cacheable tags
  • Fix delegateView recursion in Resource controllers on Windows
  • [#3966] Fix double slash issue in file paths when dragging into resource content from the Files tree
  • [#4565] Fix issue with Resource tree sorting
  • [#5026] Make directory tree in MODx.Browser instance launched from Files tab consistent with other instances of MODx.Browser
  • [#4960] Prevent method declaration error for modPHPMailer::reset()
  • [#3716] Ensure consistent handling of combo-boolean property values in the database
  • [#4586] Improve number detection for Radio and Checkbox TV values
  • [#5196] Unset uri_override when duplicating creates a duplicate uri