MODX Revolution 2.1.1-pl

MODX 2.1.1-pl was released 13 years ago on 2011-06-01.

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  • Make modauth calculation independent of session_id
  • Ensure login/logout processors do not add Contexts with empty keys
  • [#3145] Ensure mail_smtp_pass and proxy_password System Settings use password xtype
  • [#4360] Show current context name on MODx.Browser window for reference
  • [#4881] Fix issue where modx-combo-language was missing from system setting editing screen
  • [#4896] Fix issue where New Category window is not cleared on each load
  • [#4934] Fix missing lexicon load call in package download processor
  • [#4927] Gray out disabled plugins in elements tree, italicize locked elements
  • [#4921] Ensure Category names are not ever capitalized when displayed as tabs
  • [#4865] Fix PDO error caused by missing charset for new MySQL installs on PHP 5.3.6+
  • Improve modSessionHandler and add Settings for advanced configuration
  • [#4750] Fix various issues with duplicating Resources, such as new name not prefixed and incorrect menuindex
  • [#4910] Fix bug where ResourceList TV type could not be marked as required
  • [#4915] Fix UI glitch when creating both an Access Policy and its Template on same page load
  • [#4916] Fix issue where cache clear checkbox was always being cleared on template save
  • [#4884] Remove PHP4 constructor on modRegister
  • Harden connector CSRF security by tying user session modauth to prevent hijacking of session if modauth is known
  • [#4863] Fix issue where template changing causes unintended alias
  • [#4854] Fix bug that caused update/rename file to be missing in Files tree context menu
  • [#4851] Improve safe_mode check in setup to check for non-boolean values
  • [#4856] Fix issue with MODx.Panel instances that have no textfields, causing scrollbar issues
  • Fix issue where MODX version was not being sent to provider during package update
  • [#4850] Fix issue with MODx.Window instances that have no textfields