MODX Revolution 2.1.0-rc-4

MODX 2.1.0-rc-4 was released 11 years ago on 2011-04-29.

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  • [#4543] Fix preview URLs when FURLs are turned Off
  • [#4537] Trigger refreshURIs when related settings are modified
  • Have modAccess*::loadAttributes() check access_*_enabled settings
  • [#4502] Enable custom targets in modUser->loadAttributes()
  • [#3692] Add policy checks for new_document_in_root and add_children to resource/sort processor
  • [#4526] Additional fixes for output filters on placeholders
  • [#4504] Ensure UserGroup ACLs are deleted along with UserGroups
  • [#4507] Fix usergroup description not being set when created
  • Change modResource->isDuplicateAlias() to return id of duplicate Resource
  • [#4495] Add duplicate URI check to resource/publish action
  • [#3857] Fix placeholder processing when output filters applied
  • [#4362] Fix path issues with Static Resources and base_urls of /
  • [#4074] Require list permission on Context for Resource searches
  • [#4439] Do not allow invalid characters in username / password
  • [#4485] Fix issue with scrolling on drag/drop Element Properties window in small resolutions
  • [#4352] Fix failedlogincount / user blocking logic in login processor
  • [#4373] Fix issue with htmltag TV output render and empty values
  • [#4374] Fix issue with updating files in the edit file page
  • [#4024] Fix issue with LocalProperty grids not rendering list type properties display values correctly
  • [#4400] Trim whitespace from Namespace paths when adding/updating them
  • [#4434] Fix issue with edit panel on contexts
  • [#4372] Fix View button not getting URI change after Save Resource (all Resource types)
  • [#4369] Ensure Save button is active after Template change on Weblink, Symlink, Static Resource
  • [#4471] Set Resource alias properly on update
  • [#4469] Guard against inadvertent creation of duplicate New Resources
  • Add options to configure cache file writing attempts when exclusive locks fail
  • [#4464] Prevent unnecessary TV queries on uncached Resources
  • [#4422] Fix problems updating Boolean settings (System, Context, User)
  • [#4453] Fix File Browser when paths contain "n_"
  • [#4447] Fix ACL grid in Edit Context view
  • [#4438] Fix error logging to custom log targets defined by array
  • [#4399] Fix IE8 javascript error on Resource and Element update pages