MODX Revolution 2.1.0-pl

MODX 2.1.0-pl was released 13 years ago on 2011-05-24.

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  • [#4818] Fix SqlSrv query errors related to TVs
  • Add modX->$sourceCache data to cached Resources
  • Fix loading of cached Resource content and processed flag
  • Fix caching of empty policies for Resources
  • Fix modSessionHandler->write() cache flag if cache_db_session is not enabled
  • Update xPDO to v2.1.4-pl for cache_db bug fixes and improvements
  • [#4832] Fix issue with moving resource parent to root
  • [#4827] Make sure editing a file sends the working context along
  • Fix erroneous call to OnDocUnpublished event that should be OnDocUnPublished
  • [#4796] fix New Resource page heading during typing of page title
  • Add Usergroup filter to users grid
  • [#4785] Fix preview of files in left tree in non-standard contexts with absolute filemanager_ settings
  • [#4473] Add other common file types to upload_files system setting
  • [#4539] Fix issue with stretching of quick update chunk and small screen resolutions
  • Automatically focus cursor to first textfield on windows in mgr
  • [#4738] Fix issue with inconsistent results in resourcelist TV
  • [#4441] Fix FC issue when parent is constraint and trying to change default template
  • [#4764] Fix issue with timestamp display on manager log page
  • [#4680] Fix javascript error when typing Template name
  • [#4681] Fix path issue which was causing 404 errors in the manager, IE 7-9
  • [#4439] Add parentheses to list of disallowed password characters in installer
  • [#4669] Fix button target size to make it more responsive to most clicks
  • [#4625] Fix sizes of buttons and submit inputs in installer - IE 8 and 9
  • [#4617] Fix custom values not being shown on Context Installation page during Advanced Upgrade
  • [#4605] modX->switchContext() now checks load permission via Context ACLs
  • [#4595] Fix display of modified/accessed times on Edit File page
  • [#4594] Fix last login time displayed in Info block of Manager welcome page
  • [#4470] Fix frozen URI not displayed when editing resource
  • [#4572] Fix installer error log filenames (characters not allowed in Windows filenames)
  • [#4585] Fix database connection processors in advanced upgrade
  • Update xPDO to v2.1.3-pl
  • [#4567] Remove calls to xPDO->log() in xPDOCacheManager->writeFile()
  • [#4557] Minor fixes on Installer Options screen for Traditional package
  • [#4556] Fix js error on Welcome screen of Traditional package's installer
  • [#4076] Fix Edit/Quick Update context menu items in protected categories
  • Fix Context Access query broken in RC4 changes for #4502