MODX Revolution 2.0.7-pl

MODX 2.0.7-pl was released 11 years ago on 2011-01-14.

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  • [#3472] Fix issue due to tree impr that prevented element saving success response
  • Improve loading of mgr pages by preventing trees from rendering until activated
  • [#3205] FC fixes: Ensure Resource Content field can have values set/renamed, that rules on create respect template, and that default values on create are set
  • [#3165] Fix issue where resource/updatefromgrid processor was missing published value if user does not have publish permission
  • [#2] Fix issue in user extended fields where subkeys in 2 separate containers DOM IDs conflict and prevent editing
  • [#3422], [#3374], [#3197] Fix issue with filemanager_url and Image/File TVs and their relative end result URLs
  • [#3201], [#177] Add modResource.leaveGroup, modTemplate.hasTemplateVar, modTemplateVar.hasTemplate
  • [#3350] Fix for PHP bug:
  • [#3326] Fix issue where TV radio/cb options with value of 0 couldnt be selected
  • [#3329] Fix edit and cancel buttons on view resource page
  • [#3329] Clarify Preview link on Resource action toolbar to be more correct "View"
  • [#3347] Fix issue where renaming a file broke the browsing of directory tree
  • Fix issue where FC tvDefault rules, regardless of active state, are always run
  • Introduce pdo_sqlsrv support
  • Add database_dsn to config
  • Update xPDO to release 2.1.0-pl