MODX Revolution 2.0.6-pl

MODX 2.0.6-pl was released 13 years ago on 2010-12-20.

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  • [#3143] Fix lexicon grid search to respond to enter key
  • [#3144] Fix issue with reset password and @ being stripped
  • [#3142] Ensure whitespace is stripped from tags in tag/autotag TV types
  • [#3118] Ensure defaults are set in resource/create processor if values are not sent
  • [#3105] Improve memory_limit check in setup to accept integer values from PHP instances
  • [#3106] Add sanity check to resource create/update processors to disallow invalid Resource Group ID references
  • [#3038] Fix problems with filemanager_path settings and absolute URLs in image TV values
  • [#3039] Add symlink_merge_fields setting to disable modSymLink merge behavior
  • [#3103] Alter modSession data field to store more than 64Kb
  • [#3091] Add missing specific dom ID to profile change password panel
  • [#3096] Fix issue with exporting default properties not in a set from an element
  • [#3099] Fix FC rules to respect class_key constraints
  • [#3097] Fix extension_packages to support modx path placeholders, as well as new serviceClass and serviceName parameters
  • [#3085] Ensure Files tree only refreshes active node when creating/updating a file/dir
  • Improve the Permission dropdown and add window in AP Template page
  • [#3083] Fix Form Customization issue when Resource has a blank Template
  • [#3082] Fix Form Customization issue where cacheable and ID fields not able to be hidden/altered
  • [#3034] Fix error creating Resources in Contexts other than web
  • Fix issue with incorrect active permission total in Access Policy grid
  • [#3023] Fix issue where topmenu did not respect manager_language
  • [#3080] Fix missing placeholder in error message when attempting to create a duplicate Element
  • Add new header image to match new site
  • [#3078] Fix issue with htmltag TV widget properties when using = in its value
  • [#3079] Ensure GPC vars are not sent into $scriptProperties array in $modx->runProcessor
  • [#2983] Add sanity check to prevent plugins from firing if disabled (redundancy)
  • [#3057] Fix issue where parent change causes fail to save in UI
  • [#3076] Fix bug where manager returnUrl was not working due to [#2918] fix
  • [#3059] Ensure createdby is set on resource creation
  • [#3041] Fix missing lexicon entry in resource processors
  • [#3043] Fix invalid 200 response header on sendError()