MODX Revolution 2.0.3-pl

MODX 2.0.3-pl was released 11 years ago on 2010-09-30.

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  • Fixed error in modResource::cleanAlias when context var is not available
  • [#MODX-2376] Fixed issues with updating settings on the context page
  • Fixed security issue with login screen and resource TV controller that allowed html injection
  • Fixed issue where clear cache checkbox isn't checked on Element pages
  • [#MODX-2370] Fixed various bugs with plugin event association on plugin page
  • [#MODX-1823] Improved the System Info panel by extracting data from phpinfo()
  • [#MODX-2362] Added missing OnResourceTVFormPrerender event
  • [#MODX-2374] Fixed issue where children nodes were not being moved with parent into new context
  • [#MODX-2373] Fixed imageTV issue where thumbnail was not cleared on data clearing
  • [#MODX-364] Fixed regClient* methods in cacheable Snippets on cacheable Resources
  • [#MODX-2370] Fixed issue with saving property sets on plugin events
  • [#MODX-2369] Fixed issue with modLinkTag and output filters where the filter commands were included in the URL
  • [#MODX-2350] Ensure that new Contexts always have Admin and Resource policy for Admin user group assigned to them
  • [#MODX-2352] Ensure that Context Settings appropriately override System Settings in core-level parsing where a Context is existent (example: site_unavailable_page)
  • [#MODX-2356] Ensure that OnResourceDelete and OnResourceUndelete events in update processors fire at correct times, after save()
  • [#MODX-2361] Ensure that a user in the Administrator group *always* has access to a Context when it is restricted in another user group
  • [#MODX-2357] Fixed bug that occurs when hiding a tab with FC rule that is the default active tab
  • [#MODX-2358] Fixed rare bug occurring with treestate in Chrome due to undefined variables in path
  • Fixed various issues with package management and the add new package button
  • Fixed bug where ?v=203pl is being added to content with .js in it, due to earlier commit to prevent js caching
  • Fixed issues with ellipsis/limit filters and special chars
  • [#MODX-2353] Fixed bugs with checkbox/radio TVs and complex values with HTML/quotes in them
  • Fixed some bugs with deleting a file in MODx.Browser in the actual view pane
  • [#MODX-2354] Fixed issue with imageTV and incorrect preview url reference
  • Fixed ellipsis output filter to use … instead of ...
  • [#MODX-2327] Fixed bugs with Form Customization not being respected
  • [#MODX-2349] Fixed bug with Form Customization and fieldDefault rule with template field
  • Added code to prevent caching of JS after upgrades by postfixing version to JS URLs
  • [#MODX-2342] Fixed issue where xhtml_urls setting wasnt included in build
  • [#MODX-2345] Fixed issue with templates and categories in mgr not persisting
  • [#MODX-2341] Fixed issue with redirect statement on login page in certain environments
  • [#MODX-2343] File upload now respects upload_* extension restrictions
  • [#MODX-2344] Respect context-specific filemanager_path in upload/remove actions on directory tree in mgr