MODX Revolution 2.0.0-alpha-5

MODX 2.0.0-alpha-5 was released 15 years ago on 2008-10-09.

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  • [#MODX-88] Move version checking to setup script and add notifications.
  • [#MODX-66] Change the way properties work within the scope of a chunk; placeholders set by the chunks properties are now removed after the chunk is processed.
  • Added modX::unsetPlaceholder() and modX::unsetPlaceholders() functions.
  • [#MODX-329] Fixed error with browser "remembering" user even when "remember me" is not checked. Was always using the system setting regardless of rememberme.
  • [#MODX-380] Created modSymLink resource class which forwards requests to other resources without changing the URL (as opposed to modWebLink which redirects).