MODX Revolution 2.0.0-alpha-3

MODX 2.0.0-alpha-3 was released 14 years ago on 2008-07-22.

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  • [#MODX-210] Changed no-longer-valid help text for resource panel
  • [#MODX-216] Fixed bug with pub_date/unpub_date for the Resource panel
  • [#MODX-213] manually entered passwords not being displayed after saving
  • Added editability to packages grid
  • [#MODX-205] Fixed category saving
  • [#MODX-196] Fixed snippet category error in IE7
  • Created modInstallError for base processing methods
  • Added object support to modInstallJsonError
  • [#MODX-201] Fixed bug with Category combo that prevented adding in a custom category
  • [#MODX-200] Added colored Not Installed text to not installed packages
  • [#MODX-70] Removed top buttons, as they are unnecessary and cause more problems than they are worth.
  • [#MODX-174] Language setting in setup is not loaded.
  • Note: renamed the language file to en.php to match the adopted IANA standard codes (see #MODX-187)
  • [#MODX-26] Manager User creation problems
  • Corrections to new user account email
  • Added MODX_URL_SCHEME define and url_scheme configuration setting
  • Added MODX_HTTP_HOST define and http_host configuration setting
  • Changed "Modules" top menu to "Components" top menu. Component developers are encouraged to put their 3rd party menus in there.
  • [#MODX-83] Radio Options not working in TV
  • [#MODX-103] Fixed blank template change warning message.
  • [#MODX-173] Language setting in manager pages is not loaded.
  • Removed ucwords on getlist processor for lexicons.
  • Fixed feed_modx_security/news keys in the build file.
  • [#MODX-184] Fixed show in menu checkbox, should have been labeled "Hide Menu" since the opposite is true in the database. Changed to match DB column properties.
  • [#MODX-190] Fixed bug with missing duplicate snippet error message
  • Added check for existing name in snippet duplicate processor
  • Updated build.src.url to branches/revolution
  • Fixed import html/resources
  • Fixed action pointer if version is incorrect