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Xodus is an extra by freelancewebdev, first released on 2014-03-13.

Package Description


Extra: Xodus


Version: 1.0-pl


Xodus is a simple MODX Revolution extra to enable the export of users from chosen user groups to CSV or Excel file format.

Xodus was coded by Joe Molloy and first released in November 2012.

Xodus makes use of a modified version of PHPExcel (http://phpexcel.codeplex.com/).  The modification just changes the location of the temporary folder used by the library so that it works without issue on shared hosting systems with open_basedir restrictions which exclude use of the system temporary folder.  I have also removed the PDF folder from the shared folder in the library to reduce the size of the package - the fonts in the PDF library were adding over 17MB to the overall size of the package.

You can find more information on Xodus in the blog post dedicated to it at http://www.hyper-typer.com/news/xodus-export-modx-users.Thanks to Mat Davi Jones (matdave) on Github for enabling 2.3.x support and pushing this to a PL release.

Translation Credits:

Dutch Mark Hamstra

Spanish Cecilia Marnero

Russian Tatyana Grishna

German Markus Gottschau

Usage/Installation Instructions

Install from Package Manager Refresh the Manager interface Choose the Xodus menu item from the Components menu On the resulting screen choose the user group you wish to export Choose the file format you would like to export the user list to. Click the Export button and your file download should start


First seen
Supported databases
MySQL SQL Server
Minimum MODX Requirement

Xodus Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 1.0-pl 2014-03-13 (10 years ago)

We've also seen 3 unverified versions of Xodus in use, but don't list those as we've been unable of confirming they are official releases from an official source.