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Efsight Visitor Counter

Efsight Visitor Counter is an extra by elfsight, first released on 2020-02-12.

Package Description

Necessary statistics are now easy to analyze without specific knowledge of SEO or coding. Elfsight Visitor Counter is an easy-to-manage tool which allows you to monitor an amount of your visitors and the most popular content viewed within specific period of time. Besides, you can easily ensure users, you are reputable company and have much more new clients or subscribers. With our customizable options and handy layouts, you can embed the extra on your page just in a click. ### Benefits **Easy to track statistics** Monitor important stats with no demand of extra knowledge of analytics or coding. Track the amount of users and what content has more views. **Metrics in dynamics** Monitor total number of users you have particular day, week, month or even year. Evaluate what content captivates all attention of the audience and form your business plan. **Raise trust level** Present your popularity metric to verify audience about your reliability. Transfer new users to your customers or followers and minimize bounce rates ### Features **Monitor your metrics, display your visitor rate** Analytics is a basic instrument to form your business success strategy and track the user involvement. With the use of the extra there’s no need to spend money for advanced analytics services or learn coding. Just embed it, monitor your data the simplest way. If you need to demonstrate your astonishing achievements, just implement the extra right on your website. **Simplicity and convenience** Define which time-intervals you need to analyse. The extra can show a total sum of users today, yesterday or any other period. Well-arranged metrics and an interactive graph let you analyze simply and present your company in the most credited way. **Flexible grid, seamless integration** Choose one of Elfsight stunning layouts to implement the tool perfectly and seamlessly on your website. Automatically organised and presented info, customizable starting value and header. Make your Visitor Counter just in a few clicks! **Stunning design without coding** You can create this useful extra with no demand of and investing extra money and time. Use all opportunities of the stylish options in our user-friendly interactive editor and add it right on your web page in mere seconds. ### This ModX Hit Counter extra is provided by Elfsight Apps Elfsight Apps is a cloud-based service which extras can improve and expand your website functionality (for example, Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery, Social Icons and others). This extra acts like a bridge between your website and Elfsight Apps Service. It connects the two together. Then it gets the extra that you have built at Elfsight Apps and shows it right on your website. In case you don’t have an Elfsight Apps account, you can register totally free, and it only will take around one minute. ### How to Add Visitor Counter to ModX website Acquire the extra and integrate it to the page Enter Views Counter widget page, choose «Download», to launch downloading. After that, in ModX administrator panel, go to the «Extras» section and add extra to the site. Create your unique tool In «Extras» tab, find Visitor Counter and go to customizing its design and functions. Get the individual code from the popup notification. Copy the code. Demonstrate the tool on your site In the «Content» tab, go to the area you wish to place the tool to and insert the saved code there. The integrating is successful! Open your site, to see your results! ### Support In case you experience any problems with the ModX Views Counter or have questions to ask, do not hesitate to address our customer support. We are always here to help! ### Free installation service Our Customer Help Team will be happy to help you with the adding or embed the extra for you. We will be waiting for your inquiries at [apps@elfsight.com](mailto:apps@elfsight.com). We’ll be happy to assist! Haven’t yet tried our tool live? Check it now on the [Visitor Counter page](https://elfsight.com/visitor-counter-widget/)!

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