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UserUrls is an extra by yoleg, first released on 2011-06-09.

Package Description

Generates friendly URLs for your users. 

First repository release. This version only supports URLs in the format site.com/username and site.com/username/action.

Beta: Test before using on live site. Please report bugs, contribute, or add docs on GitHub. Be careful when changing system settings. Settings OK to change (see docs): uu.start, uu.action_map, uu.enabled.

Usage: Use with Quip, Login, Peoples, Gravatar, and other snippets to build a social networking site. Use with UserInfo (on github.com/yoleg) if you have trouble using with Profile or Peoples. 

Elements: Plugin UserUrls set OnPageNotFound. Snippets: uuId, uuAction, uuUrl, and UserUrls can be placed on the target pages to customize pages with user-specific information.

Usage/Installation Instructions

1. (Required) Set the "uu.start" system setting to the resource id used for the user home pages (without a sub-action). So when someone visits yoursite.com/johnsmith/ (where johnsmith is an active user's username), it will show them the content of the resource you set here.

2. (Optional) Set additional sub-pages ("action") by setting the "uu.action_map" in the format id:action,id2:action2. 

  • Example: "21:messages,131:history". 
  • - So, when someone visits yoursite.com/johnsmith/history, it will show them resource #131 with userid set to (johnsmith's userid) and action set to "history"

3. On the landing pages specified above, call the following snippets uncached as needed:

  • [[!UserUrls]] (helper snippet). See snippet code for available options.
  • [[!uuUrl]] - Generates a URL to a UserUrl page (by default to the current page). To another user's page: [[!uuUrl? &user=`21` &action=`messages`]]. Use as output filter: [[!+userid:uuUrl=`action`]].
  • [[!uuId]] - gets the UserUrl userid
  • [[!uuAction]] - gets the UserUrl action


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Supported databases
MySQL SQL Server
Minimum MODX Requirement

UserUrls Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 0.1.3-beta 2011-06-09 (8 years ago)