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UpgradeMODX is an extra by bobray, first released on 2023-09-15.

Package Description

Important: Always back up your site before upgrading.

UpgradeMODX installs a dashboard widget that alerts you when there is an upgrade to MODX available -- and installs it for you!.

When there is an upgrade available, UpgradeMODX will show an "Upgrade MODX" button and a form containing MODX versions. The recommended version to upgrade to should be selected automatically.

 After selecting a version and clicking on the submit button. UpgradeMODX will put all the new files in place and launch setup.

When Setup is finished, you'll be back in the Manager using a new version.

UpgradeMODX should work on any installation of MODX except the SDK version. That includes versions with renamed and/or moved directories.

The minimum version listed below is a guess, but for very old versions or MODX that do not support widgets, UpgradeMODX will install an UpgradeMODX resource which you can view to run UpgradeMODX. Once you reach a version that supports widgets, you can reinstall UpgradeMODX and use its Dashboard widget to upgrade.

Usage/Installation Instructions

Install in Package Manager.

See the documentation at Bob's Guides.


First seen
Supported databases
Minimum MODX Requirement

UpgradeMODX Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 2.3.5-pl 2023-09-15 (9 months ago)
MODX.com 2.3.4-pl 2023-09-08 (10 months ago)
MODX.com 2.3.3-pl 2022-06-29 (2 years ago)
MODX.com 2.3.2-pl 2022-05-21 (2 years ago)
MODX.com 2.3.1-pl 2022-04-08 (2 years ago)
MODX.com 2.3.0-pl 2022-04-04 (2 years ago)
MODX.com 2.1.5-pl 2021-03-22 (3 years ago)
MODX.com 2.1.4-pl 2021-03-20 (3 years ago)
MODX.com 2.1.3-pl 2021-03-12 (3 years ago)
MODX.com 2.1.2-pl 2018-12-16 (5 years ago)
MODX.com 2.1.0-pl 2018-11-29 (5 years ago)
MODX.com 2.0.3-pl 2018-11-11 (5 years ago)
MODX.com 2.0.2-pl 2018-10-26 (5 years ago)
MODX.com 1.5.5-pl 2017-12-27 (6 years ago)
MODX.com 1.5.4-pl 2017-01-12 (7 years ago)

We've also seen 12 unverified versions of UpgradeMODX in use, but don't list those as we've been unable of confirming they are official releases from an official source.