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Updater is an extra by seda.digital, first released on 2017-04-10.

Package Description

Keeps you up to date with your MODX version information.


Updater now includes Managed Update Information, which warns you about security updates necessary for your system, and some bug fixes and tiny enhancements.


Updater contains a dashboard widget which shows to you both the update status of the core and of your packages enriched with Managed Version Information from SEDA.digital. Also included is a mail notifier which can send notifications about core updates, package updates or installs and an information digest.


Just install it and place the updater widget to your dashboard - it will then show you the status of your system. Only users with 'sudo' or 'system_perform_maintenance_tasks' permission will see the widget. To make use of the notifier functions, you have to tweak the updater system settings.


Support:    modx.updater@seda.digital

Forum:      https://forums.modx.com/thread/96613/

Slack:       https://modxcommunity.slack.com/ , Channel #extras

Usage/Installation Instructions

What is Managed Update Information?

The MODX repository does not contain useful/standardized information (despite the changelog.txt) about security details for new versions of MODX. SEDA.digital extracts security and other details about available updates from github, slack, forum etc. and provides that information in a machine readable JSON-Format at https://updater.modx.seda.digital/modx.mui.json.The Updater widget is by default configured to download that file along with the github repository tags to check for new versions. If your system is missing a security update, Updater will show you a big red warning on the dashboard widget then!

How to use the widget:

Just install the package and add the Updater widget "Update status" to your dashboard. It will then show you information about the MODX core status and your installed packages.Note: only sudo users or users with the permission "system_perform_maintenance_tasks" will be able to see the widget. To get the custom permission working, create an ACL-Template with that permission key, create a policy based on that template and grant your users that policy in mgr context.

How to use the notifier:

By default no notification is active after installation. You have various options to activate the notifier then. Tweaking the system settings allows you to receive mails about core updates, package updates or even just a digest mail with a summary of your installed components.You can provide specific email-addresses there for SysAdmins and PackageAdmins. Digests are send to SysAdmins for now (in contrast to the system settings description).In the future you will have certain permissions for your "normal" users to manage reception of notifications, e.g. to receive notifications about core updates:

  • set 'updater.core_notifications_mail' to your desired mail address
  • set 'updater.send_core_notifications' to 'true' to activate it
  • reload the page or browse to any of your sites pages (no matter which context) to trigger the notifications: you can check if emails have been sent if you see values in system settings under area 'Persistance' for the keys 'updater.last_send_*'.

NOTE: updater has its own built-in "cron-like" mechanism (to provide its functionality for cron-less webspace packages as well). It injects a "refresh" tiny script once a hour to your website, which then asynchronosly/non-blocking calls updaters notification and refresh functions. If you experience any problems with that, disable the plugin 'Updater Cron' and give us a short description of the case at modx.updater@seda.digital.

Remember: this is a beta version - although it has been tested intensively, consider not to install it in production environments without testing it yourself.


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Updater Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 0.4.1-beta5 2017-04-11 (7 years ago)

We've also seen 19 unverified versions of Updater in use, but don't list those as we've been unable of confirming they are official releases from an official source.