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TransleX is an extra by freelancewebdev, first released on 2013-12-13.

Package Description

This addon is a front-end translation tool, enabling developers and site administrators to give users (annonymous or registered) access to a simple AJAX form-based interface for making contributions to 3rd party package lexicons. Packages, topics and languages can be restricted by the site administrator/developer and the site administrator may also replace the current live topic file with one updated using this addon.  The addon creates a timestamped backup of any topic files replaced in this way.

TransleX has been developed for Mr Mark Hamstra (http://www.markhamstra.com) who conceived the idea and has been released as open source (GPL v2+) to benefit others with similar needs.

Usage/Installation Instructions

1. Install via package manager

2. Create a resource where you want to display the form setting its template to blank and disabling the Rich Text Editor and caching.  You should protecct this page by adding it to a resource group accessible by the user(s) you which to give access to this tool.

3. In the content field of the resource you created, simply call the snippet - [[!transleX]]

4. See readme for full implementation instructions.


First seen
Supported databases
MySQL SQL Server
Minimum MODX Requirement

TransleX Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 1.0-pl7 2013-12-13 (9 years ago)

We've also seen 3 unverified versions of TransleX in use, but don't list those as we've been unable of confirming they are official releases from an official source.