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tagElementPlugin is an extra by sergant210, first released on 2019-04-01.

Package Description

Open any resource, chunk or template where you use the chunk/snippet tags (for example and ). Select it and press **Ctrl+Enter**. If the element exists the quick edit dialog will be opened. If not you can create it right here. To go to the element's page press **Ctrl+Shift+Enter**. Press **Ctrl+Alt+C** to open the quick update dialog for chunk with the selected name. ### NEW FEATURES To form a snippet or a chunk tag with parameters write the snippet name, select it and press **Ctrl+Insert**. The "Select element options" dialog with default properties will be opened. Change the required properties and press Save. You'll get the prepared tag like when you drag'n'drop elements. #### System settings to customize the shortcuts. - tagelementplugin_quick_editor_keys - a shortcut to open the quick editing window for selected elements. - tagelementplugin_element_editor_keys - a shortcut to redirect to the element page. - tagelementplugin_element_prop_keys - a shortcut to open the "Select element options" dialog for the selected snippet or chunk. - tagelementplugin_quick_chunk_editor_keys - a shortcut to open the quick update chunk dialog with selected name. - tagelementplugin_chunk_editor_keys - a shortcut to redirect to the chunk update form. You can specify a digital key code or use [ExtJs constants](http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/3.4.0/#!/api/Ext.EventManager). ### Support of Fenom file element syntax Supported syntax: - {include 'file:relative/path/to/file'} - {'@FILE relative/path/to/file' | chunk} - {$_modx->runSnippet('@FILE relative/path/to/file', [])} Select content in quotes ("file:relative/path/to/file" or "@FILE relative/path/to/file") and press **Ctrl+Enter** or **Ctrl+Shift+Enter**. Or select only path and press the combination of **Ctrl+Shift+F** and **Ctrl+Enter**. **Important!** TagElementPlugin does not support rich text editors. You can read more detail information on [Github](https://github.com/sergant210/tagElementPlugin).

Usage/Installation Instructions

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tagElementPlugin Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 1.3.1-pl 2019-04-01 (4 years ago)
modstore.pro 1.3.0-pl 2018-12-24 (4 years ago)
MODX.com 1.3.0-pl 2018-12-24 (4 years ago)
modstore.pro 1.2.4-pl1 2018-02-04 (5 years ago)
MODX.com 1.2.4-pl1 2018-02-04 (5 years ago)

We've also seen 3 unverified versions of tagElementPlugin in use, but don't list those as we've been unable of confirming they are official releases from an official source.