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SIMPLX Template

SIMPLX Template is an extra by larscwallin, first released on 2011-06-01.

Package Description

So finally, heres my first experimental version of the SIMPLX Template strategy. Again :)

What do i mean strategy? 

Well what you get with this download is simply a very generic template which uses Property Sets to customize just about every aspect of the look and feel of the template. This makes it easy peasy for non tech people to change the apperance of their site. This at least is the long term plan ;)

Why not just use TV's?

TV's are in my mind, contrary to the their namning, more about per-page/per-page-type customization. The Property Sets are meant to reflect the very base properties and attributes of the template, not behaviour etc. so they should of course be combined with TV's.

Share your stuff

By simply exporting and sharing Property Sets you can share your configurations :)

Try it and get back to me with comments.



Usage/Installation Instructions

MODx 2.0.*

The previous versions of MODx use a slightly different syntax for lists then 2.1. This makes the default Property Set break. Lists will appear empty. 

Just download and change the default Property Set and see what happends ;)

Get the  Property Set from the url by copy pasting its content and saving it as properties.js (or something) 


Replace the default set

  • Click on the "Import Properties", choose the new file and click "Import"

Adding a new set

  • Create a new Property Set by clicking on "Add Property Set"
  • Check "Create New Property Set", fill in name and desc and click save
  • Now import new file you just created
  • To use, change the first row in the template [[!propertySet? &use=`new_set_name`]]

Have fun :)


First seen
Supported databases
MySQL SQL Server
Minimum MODX Requirement

SIMPLX Template Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 0.2-pl 2011-06-01 (9 years ago)