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RezImgCrop is an extra by valikras, first released on 2011-06-09.

Package Description

The outlet filter for images.

This Outlet filter - the filter for images, you can reduce images, cut off or reduce and off.

Often at adding of articles or news on a site, images turn out different, in design accurate images very well look. 

This filter does not break a proportion of the image and creates a folder in a directory "rezcrop" and saves images with a unique name, so that the system at repeated reversal could give already processed result even if to clear a storage cache.

Attentions! At creation TV, parameter output Type: the Text

Usage/Installation Instructions

Attentions! At creation TV, parameter output Type: the Text

Call example:

[[*tv.images:rezimgcrop = ` r-150x, c-150x75 `]] - article preview 150x75px,

[[*tv.images:rezimgcrop = ` r-250x0 `]] - the picture is located in article with the maximum size on width 250px.

r - does decreases of the image,

c - does cropping of the image,

g - Color image conversion in a shade of gray,

WxH - w = width, H = height (in pixels)

In an example above, we about the beginning made image decreases on width 150px, then cut off images 150x75px.

Usage variants;

[[*tv.images:rezimgcrop = `r-150x,c-150x75`]] // resize on width and cropping

[[*tv.images:rezimgcrop = `r-150x,c-150x75,g-`]] //We do resize images, then cropping and a shade of gray

[[*tv.images:rezimgcrop = `min-150`]] //resize min 150px

[[*tv.images:rezimgcrop = `min-150,c-150x150`]] //resize min 150px, then cropping

[[*tv.images:rezimgcrop = `r-150x`]] //resize on width

[[*tv.images:rezimgcrop = `r-150x0`]] //resize on width

[[*tv.images:rezimgcrop = `r-0x75`]] //resize on height

[[*tv.images:rezimgcrop = `r-x75`]] //resize on height

[[*tv.images:rezimgcrop = `r-150x75`]] - if we specify two parameters of reduction of the image the image to decrease not proportionally, it is necessary to specify better width, then to apply crop.


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MODX.com 1.0-beta4 2011-06-09 (8 years ago)