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resourceselectinput for contentBlocks

resourceselectinput for contentBlocks is an extra by degoya, first released on 2018-07-24.

Package Description

ResourceSelectInput V2 - Custom Input type for modmore contentBlocks Features:- Resource Select Box with childs of selected parent resource.- You can filter the select box and use a bunch of new Options to prefilter the Resources to your wishes.- This Input can be used to display resource data inside another resource in combination with getResourceField.

- A custom input type for modmore's great modx extra Content Blocks.

Usage/Installation Instructions

How to install from Transport Package:

  • Use the Transport Package from the _packages Folder and install in your Modx installation via Extras -> Package Management.
  • You are Done - Go and create your field with inputtype ResourceSelect.
How to install manually:
  • Copy the folders assets & core to your modx installation folder.
  • Create a plugin with the content of resourceselectinput.plugin.php and trigger on ContentBlocks_RegisterInputs event.
  • You are Done - Go and create your field with inputtype ResourceSelect.
Available Inputtype Backend Options

Limit Context (YES/NO) - default yes

  • Set to yes to Limit to current context of the block or no to select from all available contexts

Limit Resources (Number) - default empty

  • Limit maximum amount of resources to return

Filter Templates (TEMPLATE IDS) - default 0

  • include only templates from specified resources (csv), i.E. 1,6,8

Sortfield (FIELDNAME) - default pagetitle

  • Enter field to sort by i.E. publishedon,template,pagetitle or id

Sortorder (ASC/DESC) - default ASC

  • Enter ASC or DESC

Where (JSON) - default empty

  • enter json where to add to the query i.E.

include only published IDs [{"published":"1"}]

include from Parent IDs [{"parent:IN":[34,56]}]

include IDs [{"id:IN":[68,69]}]

exclude Page by Title [{"pagetitle:!=":"Home"}]

exclude IDs [{"id:NOT IN":[67,68,69]}


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resourceselectinput for contentBlocks Releases

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MODX.com 2.0.0-pl 2018-07-26 (2 years ago)

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