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PageLocker is an extra by aladage, first released on 2012-07-24.

Package Description

PageLocker provides simple front-end password protection for individual or groups of pages.

By setting a password in a page's template variable (and optionally setting a password group to allow single-password access to a series of pages), site editors and admins can provide basic password protection without the use of ACLs.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Bob Ray for helping to troubleshoot an E_NOTICE error in the initial version, as well as some excellent refactoring suggestions that could eliminate other potential issues.

Usage/Installation Instructions

Install PageLocker through Package Management.Create a new resource, and assign it the "PageLockerFormTemplate" template. Click save, and make a note of the resource's ID. This template can be customized as much as you want, so long as the form within it contains a password field named "password". NOTE: this template should ONLY be used for the form page, and not for any other pages (including your protected pages).Open the PageLocker plugin, and on the "Properties" tab, unlock the default properties and enter the resource ID from Step 2 as the value for "formResourceID". NOTE: The plugin will not work without a value set for this property.Create two new template variables, named "pagePassword" and "pagePasswordGroup" (if you use different names, you must also change the plugin's corresponding property values). "pagePassword" should have a text input type. "pagePasswordGroup" should ideally be either a text, tag or listbox input type (a listbox can help control the names of your password group names). Assign these two TVs to whatever templates need password protection.Go to the individual page you want to protect, and fill in a password. Optionally, choose a group. Users who successfully enter a password for a page will be able to enter any other pages within the same group without re-entering a password.


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MODX.com 1.1.0-beta1 2012-07-24 (10 years ago)