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MySlider Constructor

MySlider Constructor is an extra by andchir, first released on 2020-02-16.

Package Description

Creation of information and advertising sliders. Features -------- - Text, pictures, video (link to a file or Youtube), icons. - Convenient change in size, color and transparency of the elements. - Animated CSS-effects for elements and changing slides. - Fast upload of images with the possibility of resizing without changing the aspect ratio. - Convenient reordering (sorting) of slides and elements. - Unlimited number of slides and elements. - Automatic video stop when changing a slide. - There are no dependencies on libraries such as jQuery (jQuery is used only in the constructor, but not for the slider). - Correct work in all modern browsers (IE10 +, FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari). - Responsive design (suitable for mobile devices).

Usage/Installation Instructions

Installation ------------ 1. In the admin panel open "Extras" -> "Installer". 2. Click on the arrow button "Download extras" and select "Upload a package" from the list. 3. Upload the package zip file and close the window. If the package does not load, upload the zip file to the folder "/core/packages/" and click the "Search Locally for Packages" button. 4. In the package list, find "mysliderconstructor2" and press "Install". After installation, refresh the browser window (F5). 5. Set write permissions (0775) to folder "/assets/components/mysliderconstructor2/userfiles". Done. Go to "Extras" -> "Slider Constructor 2.0". Using ----- How to use the slider designer can be seen in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJ-JJhD5dIk The interface is intuitive. After saving the slider click in the drop-down menu "Open" and in the appeared window in the line of the corresponding slider click the "Preview" button. A new page with a slider demo and examples of code to display on the site will be opened.


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MODX.com 2.1.2-pl 2020-02-16 (1 year ago)