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My Journal

My Journal is an extra by lossendae, first released on 2011-08-05.

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Initial pre release

Usage/Installation Instructions

This is a pre alpha release and as such, the component is not ready to be used in production.It has been released for testing and feedback from fellow modx users.Step One:- Install the package via the Package Manager- Reload the page to access the main menu MyJournalAdd resources as container items.- Click on the Menu MyJournal (or the first sub menu that leads both to the same CMP page - behavior similar to that of WP)Create a new resource container:- In the window that opens, fill in the title of the resource.- You can leave the alias blank if you have activated the automatic generation of aliases in MODX system settings- The new resource is created and should be shown in the tree and the grid.From an existing resource:- Drag and drop an existing resource from the tree into the grid.- If the resource has been added successfully, it will appear in the container grid- Make sure that the resource content contains the following call [[! MyJournal]]Note: Whatever is chosen, the content must have the snippet call [[! MyJournal]] if you want to list the existing articles for the container.All resources appearing in the grid are recorded as a container, and therefore, if you click on the resource in the tree, you will be redirected to the list of articles for the selected resource.You still can edit a resource container by clicking on the top right button “Edit container” on the article list page (or quick edit the resource from the tree).To edit an article- Click the button to add an article above the grid from the article list page.The documentation at this stage of development is sporadic and evolve progressively. The few available features, however, should make the component usage self-explanatory.


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MODX.com 0.1-alpha1 2011-08-05 (8 years ago)