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MODX-Revo-Boilerplate is an extra by pdincubus, first released on 2013-10-15.

Package Description

For all info: https://github.com/pdincubus/MODX-Revo-Boilerplate/

#Most recent additions


    * update setPlaceholder calls all round

    * update modernizr to 2.7.2

    * update jQuery to 1.11.0 and 2.1.0

    * make the contact form configurable

    * new contact template

    * replace Wayfinder call with pdoMenu

    * new outerTpl chunk for pdoMenu/Wayfinder

    * update viewport meta tag to match HTML5BP

    * Only show Quip stuff if comments_enabled is set on article template

    * remove site.aside from templates


    * Updated head chunk for new modernizr and new style (NO IE CONDITIONAL COMMENTS!) html setup from HTML5 Boilerplate

    * Updated humans.txt to match HTML5BP

    * Updated LESS files to simplify a bit

    * New modernizr in default/js/lib template folder on install


    * Changed #main to HTML5 main element

    * Tweak to sidebars

    * LESS changes for main element, more auto clearfixes

    * Reduced robots.txt to avoid giving away MODX directory names

    * Post Installation Checklist: https://github.com/pdincubus/MODX-Revo-Boilerplate/blob/master/Post-Installation-Checklist.md


    * ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR CUSTOMISATIONS BEFORE UPGRADING - Any upgrades will overwrite all the default installed snippets/chunks/templates!

    * Refactored a lot of stuff

    * Swapped out Page Not Found and Search Results into templates to avoid breakage when editing the resource directly

    * Re-jigged all the LESS to make more logical sense - splitting them apart into folders based on what they're for, etc

    * Templates allow you to set multiple placeholders before head and foot chunks are called, makes things more flexible

    * Added post installation checklist document for all the bits you might forget to sort!

    * Updated docs


    * Renamed most chunks to make it a bit more logcial

    * updates to jQuery versions

    * Added new style Google analytics code to [[$site.foot]]

    * Refactored LESS directories and config

    * IF YOU ARE UPGRADING FROM THE PREVIOUS VERSION - make sure you have backed up things first!!!

    * new extras bundles for subpackages version: swapped out getResourceField and UltimateParent for setPlaceholders, swapped out phpThumbOf for new pThumb extra


    * Updated a bunch of everything. New test transport package


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MODX.com 1.3.0-pl 2013-10-15 (7 years ago)