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ModLDAP is an extra by lokamaya, first released on 2016-01-07.

Package Description

This is an LDAP integration for MODX Revolution, branched from ActiveDirectoryRedux (was modActiveDirectory).

LDAP is short for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and was developed at the University of Michigan around 1993. There are a number of LDAP-enabled servers around, the most common of which is Microsoft’s ActiveDirectory; there’s an open source choice as well, known as OpenLDAP. ModLDAP especially designed for OpenLDAP.

In short: ModLDAP is a new extended modUser (modLDAPUser) with ability to authenticate MODX user against LDAP server.


MODX 2.4.x++ (tested). But also should work on MODX version 2.2.2++ or 2.3.x++ (need a feedback)PHP 5.x++ with LDAP module enabled. For PHP 5.6 or newer you will need to compile PHP with OpenLDAP 2.4 or newer (for more information see http://php.net/manual/en/ldap.setup.php).Any LDAP server to work with, including OpenLDAP and Microsoft Active Directory.

Usage/Installation Instructions


  • Simply install via Package Management in MODX Revolution Manager page.
  • After installing this package, go to System Setting > ModLDAP, change some setting there.

By default, ModLDAP has been disabled. So you have to edit some System Setting first...

Debugging your LDAP

There are 2 step for debugging your LDAP setting:

1. Test your LDAP configuration using plain PHP file provided in assets/components/modldap/_debug.php

  • Edit some setting: SECURITY and LDAP CONFIGURATION
  • Make sure you edit $_securityVAL = "secretword"; and change it.
  • Access that file using your browser: path/to/file/_debug.php?debug=YourSecretWords
  • Make sure the connection successful and you get LDAP entries
  • Go to System Setting > ModLDAP, and change some setting there that reflect your LDAP configuration

2. Test your ModLDAP setting from MODX using ModLDAPDebug Snippet

  • Create a new resource
  • Add below code into it








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ModLDAP Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 2.4.1-beta3 2016-01-07 (5 years ago)