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iCalX is an extra by esnyder, first released on 2012-06-23.

Package Description

iCalX - iCalendar generator for MODX Revolution

A pair of simple snippets and a template which allow you to easily create iCalendar files.Supports multiple iCal files per page and passing data via _SESSION or _GET.

Place the iCalGenerator snippet at the TOP of your template before any characters    Parameter: useSession - use _SESSION to pass data, otherwise use _GET, must be the same in both snippets. Defaults to 1. If you have disabled session cookies on your site, you should set this to 0. This will result in a long, ugly URL but it will work without cookies.

Use iCalLink to create the URL for link to an iCal.   


  •     useSession - use _SESSION to pass data, otherwise use _GET, must be the same in both snippets
  •     instance - integer identifier if there are multiple iCal links per page, must be unique
  •     tpl- template chunk, defaults to included sample chunk wx-ical.tpl
  •     dtstart - date/time of event start in server timezone, in Unix epoch or standard format
  •     dtend - date/time of event end
  •     duration - duration of event, if you set this DO NOT set dtend
  •     location - location of event
  •     description - full description of event
  •     summary - short summary, usually title of event
  •     reminder - if set, number of minutes before event to set reminder
  •     filename - name of iCal file, must have .ics extension, defaults to event.ics

Example call:

<a href="[[!iCalLink? &instance=`1` &dtstart=`21-8-2012 22:00:00` &dtend=`21-8-2012 23:10:00` &description=`an event` &summary=`event title` &filename=`webinar.ics`]]">Download ical file</a>

<a href="[[!iCalLink? &instance=`2` &dtstart=`21-8-2012 22:00:00` &dtend=`21-8-2012 23:10:00` &description=`this is a different event` &summary=`different event` &filename=`webinar.ics`]]">Download another ical file</a>

Usage/Installation Instructions

Install via package management.


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Supported databases
MySQL SQL Server
Minimum MODX Requirement

iCalX Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 1.0.0-beta 2012-06-28 (9 years ago)