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getImages is an extra by jerry325, first released on 2016-11-08.

Package Description

This Snippet retrieves image files from a directory, processes them through a template chunk and returns the results.

This sprang out of my rewrite of my "myGallery" Snippet. I was disappointed with the Gallery packages out there as I wanted to be able to simply add images and thumbnails to a directory via FTP and have them show up. It worked well but as I added more and more directories I found I had to create new pages and I'm far too lazy for that. I wanted to be able to make a page by simply scanning the folder structure that was uploaded via FTP and use the folder names as page names. I used my getFolders Snippet to get the folder structure and my getFoldersList Snippet to create a menu from that folder structure. I then used my getImagesFolder Snippet to pull the needed folder from the URL that the menu passed and then fed the results through Jason Coward's great getPage Snippet and I was in business. It sounds far more complicated than it is and it works like a dream. As of version 2.0 there is no longer a need for the getImagesFolder snippet (don't know what I was thinking with that kludge). As always I would be grateful for any and all suggestions for improvements. Support/Comments should be posted here:http://forums.modx.com/thread/81713/support-comments-for-getimages

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MODX.com 2.4.3-pl 2016-11-08 (6 years ago)

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