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FullSide Gallery is an extra by benmarte, first released on 2011-09-05.

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Version 1.0.0-beta1, September 3, 2011


Initial public release.

Usage/Installation Instructions

So after browsing the internet and looking for some awesome jQuery Galleries and Sliders I came across FullScreen and Sideways Galleries created by Manos Malihu and decided to make them a package for MODx called FullSide Gallery.

These galleries are more for a photographer to display his pictures rather than a gallery you can have in your site layout, with that being said let's proceed on how to use it.

Please Note: You must have the Gallery package installed and have a gallery created in order for this package to work.

FullSide Gallery ships with 3 templates:


FullScreen Gallery Sideways SideWays Native So what are the differences between SideWays and SideWays Native Templates?

SideWays Native uses the browsers native scrollbars instead of the custom scroller used in the SideWays template, thus allowing the gallaery to work with touch devices but it doesn't work as great as the SideWays Template. I included it for those that wanted to support touch devices.

Sideways Gallery Template has the option of putting some content in the sidebar where the thumbnails are displayed. The Page Title is used as the header in the sidebar and the resource content will appear underneath it, you can insert html links, images and any other elements you want in this area as your normally would in a webpage.

Images change based on the image you click on in the sidebar or by clicking the image itself, the image name will appear as the alt and title tag for each image.

 What about FullScreen Gallery Template?

FullScreen Gallery template has a different layout thatn SideWays, basically instead of displaying the thumbnails in the hidden sidebar they appear when you hover over the bottom of the page, you can change images based on the thumbnail you click on or via the arros on each side of the image being displayed and it has an option on the top right to switch between a fullscreen image and the original image size. The image name will appear on the top left hand side of this template.

 How do I use this awesome gallery?

Easy, after installing FullSide Gallery via the package manager create a new resource and select one of the 3 templates mentioned above for the resource.



Then proceed to the template variables tab.



Finally select the gallery you want to display with the template you chose.



Save your resource and preview your page.

That's it, let me know your thoughts via the comments or in the MODx forums and remember if you like this or any of my other MODx plugins consider making a small donation.



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MySQL SQL Server
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