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Formbuilder is an extra by thierryv, first released on 2012-01-30.

Package Description

I created formbuilder as an internship project.

Before I started with formbuilder I had no ModX experience what so ever.

Formbuilder is made for webdevelopers who use ModX as a CMS, and who let their customers use it to maintain their website.

With Formbuilder a webdeveloper does not have to manually create all the forms on a website, customers can just do it themselves through the manager.

In other words: Formbuilder is a very easy to use module that lets users who have no experience with HTML or PHP what so ever, create forms.

Webdevelopers in ModX don't have to create multiple forms with multiple FormIt calls anymore, Formbuilder can run multiple forms on 1 installation and 1 script.

Formbuilder supports these HTML form elements:

 - Textfield.

 - Textarea.

 - Radiobuttons. 

 - Special email textfield. 

 - Limited checkboxes support.

Formbuilder 1.0 is stable and ready for use, but there are still things that could be added.

For instance: full checkboxes support, dropdown menu's etc. Please feel free to look into that, and also to provide me with feedback about Formbuilder!

Formbuilder is based on the PHP script from Dagon Design: http://www.dagondesign.com/articles/secure-php-form-mailer-script/ and requires MIGX to work.

Again this is my first development in Modx so please don't bite my head off :) 

Usage/Installation Instructions


 - Download the Formbuilder package through the package management of your modx site, or put the zip file in your /core/packages folder.

 - Run the installation of Formbuilder.

This will create several chunks and template variables, also 1 template and 1 snippet.

The template that is going to be created can be deleted if you want, the code that is in there reads whether or not the form is turned on. This code has to be in a template otherwise it won't work.

 - In the template variables find 'form_type' and 'form_required'. DO NOT FORGET THIS! VERY IMPORTANT!

 - Remove any template access these 2 template variables have.

 - Find the Formbuilder snippet.

 - In this snippet only edit 1 thing, find the line: define('DDFM_DOMAINEMAIL', 'email_here')

 - Where it says 'email_here' fill in the email adress that the autoresponse message will be send from. (example: noreply@yourdomain.com)

 - You can style formbuilder using css. There is no css included!!

 - This means that the hidden anti-spam field (same as FormIt) is visible when no css is applied!!

 - Formbuilder is now ready for use in your Resources tree.


The following languages are available:

 English, Belarussian, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch,

 Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmaal,

 Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, 


*Note this only changes error messages and text on buttons. Not the menu in the template variables tab. 

How to use:

 - In your resources tree, find a resource you want Formbuilder in. (most commonly a contact page)

 - Choose a template where you have added the code from the Formbuilder template.

 - When applied the tab: 'Template Variables' should appear. Click on it.

 - Fill in all the information in the menu and click "save".

 - Thats it! Your form should be visible on the website.


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Formbuilder Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 1.0.0-pl 2018-08-13 (1 year ago)
MODX.com 1.0-beta1 2012-02-01 (8 years ago)