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Simple File Upload TV

Simple File Upload TV is an extra by alanpich, first released on 2013-02-24.

Package Description

For content editors who don't care where their files go, and developers who do

A Template Resource Input Filter for MODx Revolution 2.2+

The Simple File Upload TV input provides the simplest possible file upload experience for the end user, offering single-button file selection & uploading without the use of the MODx file manager. File save paths are set on the TV itself, so the content-editor doesn't have to worry about where to save to.

Usage/Installation Instructions

Install this package through the Package Manager. Once installed, 'Simple File Upload' will become an option in the TV Input Type selection list.

Input Configuration Options

While hiding many of these features from the Resource editor, Simple File Upload TVs are very customisable! They work with any stream-based (filesystem) mediasource, can be saved to a custom path within the source, and optionally prefix a string to the filename in order to make maintainance and curation of uploaded files easier over time. You can even restrict file upload types by specifying required MIME types!


Both the file Save Path and File Prefix fields can be customised by editing the corresponding fields in the TV Input Options tab. Both options can be customized dynamically with several placeholders:

  • {r} - Resource ID
  • {t} - TemplateVar ID
  • {u} - User ID
  • {d} - Day of month
  • {m} - Month
  • {y} - Year

Advanced Save Path routing using Snippets

You can also specify a snippet that returns a path string for advanced routing by using the @SNIPPET prefix e.g.@SNIPPET myPathingSnippet

Restricting file types using MIME

MIME types describe the type of file to be uploaded and relate to the file extension. Multiple upload types can be specified using a comma-separated list.A (mostly) full list of MIME types can be found here.


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Simple File Upload TV Releases

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MODX.com 2.0.0-beta 2013-02-24 (11 years ago)