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DitsNews is an extra by ditsmedia, first released on 2011-07-01.

Package Description


  • newsletters/groups/subscribers management
  • import/export subscribers (CSV)
  • message queue (50 messages per batch)
  • subscribe through form
  • confirm subscription (link in email message)
  • unsubscribe via link in newsletter
  • public/private groups (you can only subscribe to public groups)
Upcoming versions (TODO)
  • move settings to MODx System Settings
  • make message queue batch size editable (fixed at 50 for now)
  • statistics (views, bounces, etc.)
  • handle bounces
  • remove unconfirmed subscriptions
  • more translations (english and dutch only for now)

Usage/Installation Instructions


  • MODX Revolution (tested with 2.1.1)
  • FormIt (for subscription form)
  • Cronjobs (or some other method to run a script periodically)


  • Install through Package Management
  • Add a cronjob (change paths): */5 * * * * /path/to/php /path/to/core/components/ditsnews/cron/cron.php
  • Create the newsletter template (just a normal template; CSS must be in the template itself with full URL paths to images. No external CSS!)
  • Create a signup page (ditsnewssignup chunk; change as required)
  • Create a "Thank you" page (and set it as 'redirectTo' in the ditsnewssignup chunk)
  • Create a confirm / opt-in page (add ditsnewsconfirm snippet) and set it's id in ditsnewssignup chunk
  • Create a unsubscribe page (add ditsnewsunsubscribe snippet) and add a link to this page in your newsletter template
  • Go to Components -> DitsNews and change the settings (Menu -> Settings)

 How to send your first newsletter

  • Add a testing Group
  • Add yourself as a subscriber (and add yourself to the testing group)
  • Create a new newsletter and select the document you just created. Send it to the testing group only!
  • After the cronjob runs you will receive your newsletter
  • Test the newsletter in many differtent email clients (Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, etc.)
  • For every webmail client: check the newsletter in different browsers!

 Example newsletter template

See readme.txt in components/ditsnews/docs


First seen
Supported databases
Minimum MODX Requirement

DitsNews Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 0.2.0-alpha3 2011-07-01 (12 years ago)

We've also seen 1 unverified versions of DitsNews in use, but don't list those as we've been unable of confirming they are official releases from an official source.