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countTrackula is an extra by demon.devin, first released on 2016-10-12.

Package Description

# countTrackula 2.0 With this snippet you will have the ability to display the number of downloads for a local file or the number of clicks on a remote file. It'll also create a hashed link of the local or remote file for security purposes hiding the file path of a locally hosted file. ## System Settings | Name | Description | |--|--| | `algo` | The desired algorithm to use when creating a checksum of the download file. Refer to the PHP Documentation for a list of supported algorithms to choose from. Default: `SHA1` | | `salt` | Define a secret passphrase to be used with generating the checksum. Default: `countTrackula's best friend is decrypt-keeper` | | `core_path` | Just the path to the component files for use with the snippet. Best just to leave this untouched. | ## Properties | Property | Type | Req/Opt | Description | |--|--|--|--| | `&path` | String | Required | Path to the download file from webroot. | `&file` | String | Required | The filename of the download without slashes. | | `&name` | String | Required | The name of your download file for display purposes. | | `&term` | String | Optional | The word shown next to download count. (*i.e.* 18 hits) | | `&hits` | Boolean | Optional | If true, only shows the download count of `&file`. | | `&tpl` | String | Optional | The chunk used for displaying the download link to the client. | ## Example #### —Locally Hosted Files Define a download with a property **path** of `downloads/` and a property **file** of `MyPackage.zip` with the property **name** of `My Package` ##### **SOURCE**: ##### **OUTPUT**: My Package (18 downloads) My Package (18 downloads) To only show the download count of *My Package* but use the term *hits* instead of *downloads* use the following: ##### OUTPUT: 18 hits #### —Remotely Hosted Files To define a remote file for download with the property **term** of *clicks* set the **file** property as the link to the file like below. *Note:* This feature has barely been tested so please report any erroneous findings you may run into on my [GitHub project page](https://github.com/daemondevin/countTrackula). ##### SOURCE: ##### OUTPUT: countTrackula (18 clicks) countTrackula (18 clicks)

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MODX.com 2.0-rc1 2016-10-14 (4 years ago)
MODX.com 1.0.1-beta1 2016-10-14 (4 years ago)