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ContentBlocks is an extra by modmore, first released on 2014-01-17.

Package Description

v1.8.15ContentBlocks is a powerful content manager for MODX allowing editors to create modular, multi-column content.

No licenses available

You don't currently have any licenses available for ContentBlocks. Before you can download ContentBlocks, you need to switch to a domain that supports Free Development License, or buy a new license.

License Information

ContentBlocks is a Premium Extra and requires a paid license to be used on a live site.

  • Price per license:€ 79
  • Available licenses:0 - buy license

Usage/Installation Instructions

Install via Package Manager, and follow the documentation at https://www.modmore.com/contentblocks/documentation/ for more information.


First seen
modmore license
Supported databases
Minimum MODX Requirement

ContentBlocks Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
modmore 1.11.1-pl 2021-05-22 (3 months ago)
modmore 1.11.0-pl 2021-03-04 (6 months ago)
modmore 1.10.0-pl 2021-02-19 (6 months ago)
modmore 1.9.0-pl 2021-02-09 (7 months ago)
modmore 1.8.15-pl 2020-02-07 (1 year ago)
modmore 1.8.14-pl 2019-11-15 (1 year ago)
modmore 1.8.13-pl 2019-11-11 (1 year ago)
modmore 1.8.12-pl 2019-08-08 (2 years ago)
modmore 1.8.11-pl 2019-07-02 (2 years ago)
modmore 1.8.10-pl 2019-06-21 (2 years ago)
modmore 1.8.9-pl 2019-05-27 (2 years ago)
modmore 1.8.8-pl 2019-03-11 (2 years ago)
modmore 1.8.7-pl 2019-02-08 (2 years ago)
modmore 1.8.6-pl 2019-01-23 (2 years ago)
modmore 1.8.5-pl 2019-01-08 (2 years ago)
modmore 1.8.4-pl 2018-12-28 (2 years ago)
modmore 1.8.3-pl 2018-12-04 (2 years ago)
modmore 1.8.2-pl 2018-10-05 (2 years ago)
modmore 1.8.1-pl 2018-08-17 (3 years ago)
modmore 1.8.0-pl 2018-08-10 (3 years ago)
modmore 1.8.0-rc2 2018-07-10 (3 years ago)
modmore 1.7.5-pl 2018-03-14 (3 years ago)
modmore 1.7.4-pl 2018-02-06 (3 years ago)
modmore 1.7.3-pl 2018-01-22 (3 years ago)
modmore 1.7.2-pl 2017-12-18 (3 years ago)
modmore 1.7.1-pl 2017-09-12 (4 years ago)

We've also seen 90 unverified versions of ContentBlocks in use, but don't list those as we've been unable of confirming they are official releases from an official source.