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Commerce_Referrals is an extra by muzzstick, first released on 2018-05-29.

Package Description

This Extra requires Commerce by Modmore.

This small module adds an extra page to the Commerce dashboard with a grid to keep partner company information.

Each partner is assigned a referral token which they can then use on the end of a product URL to send customers to your shop.

For example if a customer is assigned a token called `partnertoken`, they would add it on the end of your product URL with `?ref=partnertoken`.

As you can see here:`https://example.com/shop/product/product.html?ref=partnertoken`

When a customer is referred to a product in your shop and adds that product to the shopping cart, the module will check if a partner exists for that token. If so, the token is added to the order.

The manager user can then see if this is a referral order. A referral section is added to the order detail page in Commerce. The partner company information is displayed so they can take whatever action they've agreed to.

Usage/Installation Instructions


Install the package and then activate the module in the configuration tab of the Commerce dashboard.


In the Commerce dashboard, click on the Referrals tab and then select **Referrers** in the subnav.- Add details of a partner company that will refer customers to your products.- One of the details will be a 'token'. The referrer then adds this token on the end of the URL and their referral will then be recorded.`

System Setting - commerce_referrals.tab_position - allows you to set the position in the Commerce nav menu that the referrals tab is added. Value should be an integer.


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Commerce_Referrals Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 1.0.1-pl 2018-05-29 (9 months ago)
MODX.com 1.0.0-pl 2018-05-27 (9 months ago)