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Elfsight Booking Reviews

Elfsight Booking Reviews is an extra by elfsight, first released on 2019-05-24.

Package Description

## Introduction Elfsight Booking Reviews tool allows you to display reviews about your place that guests leave at Booking.com You are able to exclude undesired reviews, using filters; demonstrate your star rating and number rating from Booking, show details about the real clients, and place an active call-to-action button that will inspire users to publish a new review about your lodging. ## Benefits - Level up trust by showing true people’s reviews with author details - Grow purchases demonstrating your high rating and customer recognition - Entice fresh reviews through review-request button and redirect to your Booking page ## Features Our Booking Reviews extra is extremely easy to install and it doesn’t require coding skills. Yet it’s reach in one click available features, which will help you in your business needs. - Embedding client reviews from Booking page - Three sorts of filters: by type, exclude by, and quantity of reviews - 22 predefined languages supported - Four sorts of layout: List, Grid, Masonry, and Slider - Arrows and drags navigation types in Slider layout - Setting slide speed and autoplay speed - Selecting pagination type in Slider layout - Responsive width and height - An option to turn on/off the header of the widget - Switchable elements of the header: rating and pictures of reviewers - An option to edit widget title with adjustable font size and weight - An option to add request button to redirect on Booking page - Two scenarios of review request denial: show a message or conceal the form - Editable text message after review request denial, with formatting options - Links available in review request denial message - Three review templates: Classic, Bubble, Spotlight - 6 flexible elements of the reviews: author name and photo, recommendation, date, Booking icon, and star rating - 3 review decoration types: Border, Background, None - Five paintable elements of the interface: background, review text, links. Review request button, rating. - Changing review teхt font size ## The Booking Reviews extra is provided by Elfsight Apps Elfsight Apps is a cloud-based service that features apps to extend and diversify your website functionality (for instance, Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery, Social Icons and others). This extra acts as a bridge between your site and Elfsight Apps Service, connecting the two together. It takes the widget you’ve configured at Elfsight Apps and displays it right on your website. If you don’t have an Elfsight Apps account, setting it up is totally free, and only takes you about a minute. ## Installation in 1-2-3 This extra is unbelievably easy to install. After downloading the extra zip, you need to install it on your website, create and configure a widget, and copy-paste its code into any page or your website template. ## Free installation service Our Support Team is here to answer your questions and help to install the extra. Contact us at apps@elfsight.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

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