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Elfsight Audio Player

Elfsight Audio Player is an extra by elfsight, first released on 2020-02-12.

Package Description

Elfsight Audio Player is an uncomplicated widget giving you an opportunity to stream audio tracks on your site. The widget is hugely customizable: you are free to alter its placement, embedding it anywhere on the page, alter its size, repaint the background and other parts to combine it with your website’s design, employ dark color scheme, demonstrate covers and display or conceal 4 other player elements like progress bar, heading and others. Include as many tracks as you need to entertain your users, switch the autoplay option on and don’t hesitate - your users won’t leave your web page in a rush! Get profit of your music Promote your latest releases and double awareness Set the mood of your audience Convey the gestalt you want to broadcast to your audience faster Diversify the user experience of your users Supply your users with one more entertaining tool That will capture users’ attention ### Features All sorts of audio content on your site Elfsight Audio Player suits for playback of all types of audio files. Share your favorite or the most recent releases, organize an audio library, announce your audioshows, educate your users by means of audio lessons and articles. The tool holds up multiple sources like SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Vista, Amazon, Google Drive and many more. Files can be uploaded by URL or directly from your device. An accessible music tool right on your website Using this simple tool, you’ll be able to create a playlist which your visitors definitely won’t miss! Include an unlimited amount of tracks by URL or right from the device you use, loop and shuffle your tracks, use the autoplay to make an acquaintance with your website notable and put the player anyplace you like. Pick the most appropriate layout to achieve the best placing of the plugin. And there’s also a possibility to show or conceal playlists for outstanding audience convenience. Make your plugin apparent or neat We offer different design options which can help you form your player outstanding and descriptive. Add author’s name, title and progress bar or turn them off to shape a moderate player. You can also repaint its elements to make it correlate with website's style. And surely, dark theme is there to help you make stylish addition to your site in a few clicks. ### This Modx Music Player Widget is provided by Elfsight Apps Service featuring apps to improve and expand your website functionality (for instance, Instagram Feed, YouTube Gallery, Social Icons and others). This widget acts as a bridge connecting your website and Elfsight Apps Service. It connects them together. Then it takes the widget that you have configured at Elfsight Apps and shows it right on your website. In case you don’t have an Elfsight Apps account, setting it up is totally free of charge, and it only will take you about a minute. ### How to Add Audio Player to ModX website Acquire the widget and integrate it to the page Enter Elfsight Audio Player page, choose «Download», to launch downloading. After that, in ModX administrator panel, go to the «Extras» section and add widget to the site. Create your unique widget In «Extras» tab, find Audio Player and go to customizing its design and functions. Get the individual code from the popup notification. Copy the code. Demonstrate the widget on your store In the «Content» tab, go to the area you wish to place the plugin to and insert the saved code there. The integrating is successful! Open your site, to see your results! ### Support If you experience any issues with the Modx Music Player or have questions to ask, feel free to address our clients support team. We are always pleased to assist! Our Customer Help Team will be glad to help with the adding or embed the widget for you. We will be waiting for your inquiries at apps@elfsight. Com, and we’ll be pleased to help! Still haven’t seen our tool live? Check it just now on the [Audio Player page](https://elfsight.com/audio-player-widget/)!

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