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AdvSearch is an extra by goldsky, first released on 2016-01-08.

Package Description

====== Features

    • Hightly customizable
      • Search form and search results completely customizable through templates and css
      • Result data available in templates as placeholders
      • Output of results available as html results or as json structure
    • Rich query syntax

The syntax is the same for mysql or for the zend engine. The same search string analyser is used. The syntax includes:

      • Single (?) and multiple character (*) wildcard searches,
      • Boolean operators: AND, OR
      • The NOT operator
      • The grouping of terms using parentheses,
      • Single Terms and phrases by using quotes
    • Clear Default and help button
      • The clearing of the default text (Search here ...) is available with the clearDefault parameter
      • A customizable help button opens a window to provide an help on the search query syntax. The content of the help is fully customizable too.
    • Search in TVs
      • Sql queries have been optimized for search in TVs.
      • fields, withFields, withTvs and includeTvs parameters allow to specify where the search occurs and which are the information available as placeholder in the results.
      • With showExtract parameter you specify which fields are used to set the extract and how many extracts per result you want.
    • Posthook
      • Modify on flying the display of the results with a postHook snippet.
    • Faceted search
      • Filter the results with the Query Hook (a snippet). By declaring the "andCondtions" in the Query Hook you can set up and manage powerful filters.
      • Read the specific Query Hook documentation.
    • Several instances on the same page
      • Set as many search inputs & results as you want on the same page.
    • Dynamic content search with Zend
      • (See above). By default Mysql is the default engine mode.
      • To index the documents check indexation folder. It's secured by using modx's site id.
    • Search in custom packages
      • By using "joined" query hook declaration you can add joined resources to the default modResource
      • The "main" declaration allow to replace modResource by an another main resource.
    • Highlighting of results
      • Whatever the complexity of the search terms used, they are highlighted in the extract results
    •   Two paging types available
      • paging type 1 : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
      • paging type 2 : Next 6-10/26 Previous
      • paging type 3: 1 | 2 | 3 ... 10 | 11 | 12 ... 18 | 19 | 20
    •   Ajax mode
      • Show your effect between basic, showfade and slidefade
      • Replace the pagination by a "Show more result link", and display all the results on a landing page
      • Adjust the opacity of the window of results
      • LiveSearch mode
      • Customize easily your own load and close images
      • Faceted search available with Ajax mode

Usage/Installation Instructions

Install via package management

The zend search library should be installed before the first run of AdvSearch. Follow the installation steps of the AdvSearch documentation.

The technical pre-requisites for AdvSearch are:

  • Revo 2.2 and upper
  • UTF-8 charset
  • php multi-bytes setting ON

AdvSearch uses JQuery 1.10.2 (provided with AdvSearch).


First seen
Supported databases
Minimum MODX Requirement

AdvSearch Releases

Vendor Signature Released on
MODX.com 2.0.0-beta2 2016-01-08 (7 years ago)

We've also seen 3 unverified versions of AdvSearch in use, but don't list those as we've been unable of confirming they are official releases from an official source.